My beloved school, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign is famous of its huge Quad. Ask any students here where their favorite place is, and Quad would definitely be on the top of their list.

Recently, the university installed a very cool camera, which allows us to "stalk" on the Quad. Here's a glimpse of that webpage, and the current picture showing is the famous Illini Union, the coolest place to hang out ever!

Here's the URL of the QuadCam http://www.uiuc.edu/resources/quadCam.html

I would suggest you look at it during the day(which is the nighttime for Malaysia/Singapore) Enjoy!

Winter Trip 2007 (Chapter 1)

It has been a while, that I did not write anything on my blog, but after looking at one o my best friend's blog(Chang Yuan), I have made a decision that writing blog should be my new year resolution.

So I took a road trip with 4 friends during the winter and we went from Orlando, Miami to Bahamas. Well, it wasn't a real road trip that you'd come in to mind when I say "road trip", we do spend quite a big amount of money on the lodging.
We finally got to the airport, and flied to Atlanta before flying to Orlando. It was a long flight(not as long as going back to Malaysia, but I still think it's tiring) So we took a rest for the rest of the night at the hotel.

Our journey in Orlando starts with the Universal Studio themeparks(There're 2 themeparks)

Here's a snapshot in front of a huge Hard Rock cafe

And of course, I can't miss taking a photo with the Universal Studio's Globe

One of the most famous show from Universal Studio, Fear Factor!!!!

This is a fake buildings backdrop, but it looks real to some extend
And this photo concludes my trip to Universal Studio... The most unforgettable ride for me is the spiderman ride. it's a 4D motion ride, and they're using polarized specs instead of those 2 colored specs you used in IMAX, and believe me, this is the first time I have seen spiderman being so real in my life.I have more photos to show, Universal Studio is a very big park and it'd take at least 2 days to finish all the rides, but unfortunately some photos got lost in my friend's harddisk :(