Winter Trip 2007 (Chapter 1)

It has been a while, that I did not write anything on my blog, but after looking at one o my best friend's blog(Chang Yuan), I have made a decision that writing blog should be my new year resolution.

So I took a road trip with 4 friends during the winter and we went from Orlando, Miami to Bahamas. Well, it wasn't a real road trip that you'd come in to mind when I say "road trip", we do spend quite a big amount of money on the lodging.
We finally got to the airport, and flied to Atlanta before flying to Orlando. It was a long flight(not as long as going back to Malaysia, but I still think it's tiring) So we took a rest for the rest of the night at the hotel.

Our journey in Orlando starts with the Universal Studio themeparks(There're 2 themeparks)

Here's a snapshot in front of a huge Hard Rock cafe

And of course, I can't miss taking a photo with the Universal Studio's Globe

One of the most famous show from Universal Studio, Fear Factor!!!!

This is a fake buildings backdrop, but it looks real to some extend
And this photo concludes my trip to Universal Studio... The most unforgettable ride for me is the spiderman ride. it's a 4D motion ride, and they're using polarized specs instead of those 2 colored specs you used in IMAX, and believe me, this is the first time I have seen spiderman being so real in my life.I have more photos to show, Universal Studio is a very big park and it'd take at least 2 days to finish all the rides, but unfortunately some photos got lost in my friend's harddisk :(


飒爽缨姿 waiyin said...

Should be a wonderful experience! *Jealous*...