From A to Z

A Friend is.... 朋友就是 ....

Accepts you as you are 接受原本的你
Believes in "you" 相信你這個人
Calls you just to say "Hi" 打電話給你就是想說聲"嗨"
Doesn't give up on you 從不放棄對你的信心
Envisions the whole of you 預期你總是盡全力

Forgives your mistakes 原諒你的過錯
Gives unconditionally 無條件地過錯
Helps you 幫助你
Invites you over 邀請你
Jest "be" with you 靜靜地在你的身旁
Keeps you close at heart 靠近你的心

Loves you for who you are 因你原來的樣子而愛你
Makes a difference in your life 使你的生活與以往不同
Never judges 不間斷
Offers support 支持你
Picks you up 扶你一把
Quiets your fears 止息你的懼怕

Raises your spirits 鼓舞你的心靈
Says nice things about you 跟別人述說你好的那一面
Tells you the truth when you need to hear it 當需要時會告訴你實情
Understands you 懂你
Values you 看重你

Walks beside you 與你同行
X-plain things you don't understand 解你的疑惑
Yells when you won't listen aXnd 在你聽不下時會大吼一下
Zaps you back to reality 把你拉回現實

Since when?

Since when I learn that true love never exist, and lied to myself and her for 4 years?

Since when I start to give up on believing in dreams?

Since when I do not know the feeling of being at home?

Since when I lose my passion in the things that I like to do?

Since when I don't do drawing as well as before?

Since when I learn that I have grown up?

Since when I know myself better than before?

Since when I realize this world is full of evil people?

No matter what, I know very well that all I need know is to take a break, and continue to believe in dreams, Disney World, here I come!

Let's turn your bass to max, and listen to the song with your heart

Magic Kingdom - Wishes! -

Walk the Talk

I used to be a person who is good in "walking", and do the later "talking". It is not that I am not good at talking, but just the fact that as I walk down the path, I face difficulties, I learn, I stop to think, and I grow. And then, I share my experiences by telling stories to others, and that's the time that I do the talking.

October and November had been very bad months in both my Sophomore and Junior years. Interviews, midterms, preparing for actuarial exams, club works, and part time job. When each one of these gives me one irresolvable issue, my life just gets overwhelming. In fact, the issues don't just come in one out of each, they come in a bundle. However, I know this is the process of growing, and comparing to all the difficulties that I had in my past experience, what I am going through is just nothing.

Whenever it gets too overwhelming, I stop, and I project that 10 years later, when I look back, which one will be the thing I regret that I gave up? Which one is not? I suggest anyone of you, who has too much on the plates, try to ask yourself this question, taking something off your plate will actually help you to reduce your stress.

I have chosen to give up some responsibilities, and to take up more. I know very well that this path is not easy to proceed on, however, the boat is sailing, and it will reach the other shore one day!

I want to thank this one person for being with me in my very difficult period. I do not even how to express my gratitude in words, but I learn from you that how true love can be so endless in giving out. Remembering what the Professor Pausch said "You know you find the right person, when you put his/her happiness before yourself". By all means, I LOVE YOU

It is about giving up hope

Nothing is Fair

Goodbye My Love


Washington's Trip Winter 2006

Since I am in holiday now, I am making the effort to pull out more interesting stuffs out of all the places I had traveled in United States. Here's one of it:

Check out this video I sneakily took in front of the White House, it is surrounded by fully armed police and they do not allow any video recording around the area for safety purpose.

It was a fun experience I had in Washington DC back in winter 2006. We spent about 5 days there, and visited all the famous landmarks, from the Washington Monument to Lincoln Memorial, and not to miss out the best museum ever in the United States : The Smithsonian Musuem.

Since we can't take photos near the White House, we took one picture behind the garden of the white house

A better look of the white house from the top of Washington Monument. I was told that there's more than 1400 people employed in the White House. Imagine what a large basement they have to accommodate such a large number of people

Me at the Lincoln Memorial, This is the place where Martin Luther King gave the speech of "I have a dream"

I have high respect to Lincoln and Martin Luther King. To me, they mean a lot because what they have the wisdom and persisted in what they have been fighting for. They are farsighted leaders.

Skin color should not matter anymore in Malaysia one day, and we need heros like 2 of them to fight for that vision

Washington Monument is just gorgeous looking in front of this reflecting pool

Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

I just got back from cedar point last weekend, so tired, but very happy, because I had a very fun experience there... Check out the video above, this roller coaster is just the best one I have seen so far!(Of course there're better ones)

It is called the Top Thrill Dragster, reaching a stratospheric 420 feet tall and topping out at an unheard of speed of 120 mph(about 200 km/h)

More posts for cedar point trip!

My World Music lesson

I had been always amazed by the general education system in my school, that each and every classes here never disappoints me. From Jim Kaler I had as a great professor in the astronomy class(believe me, he'd bring you traveling around the universe by just going to his lecture), to the world music I had in the last semester, I know that this college experience will be the period of time that I'll not forget for the rest of my life.

Let me introduce to you, Zakir Hussein, the greatest tabla player in the world(Just in case that you're wondering, click on the hyperlink above to know more about them), who visited our campus and gave a lecture on Indian tabla. It's just amazing how he could play different tones out of that 2 small little drums.


My beloved school, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign is famous of its huge Quad. Ask any students here where their favorite place is, and Quad would definitely be on the top of their list.

Recently, the university installed a very cool camera, which allows us to "stalk" on the Quad. Here's a glimpse of that webpage, and the current picture showing is the famous Illini Union, the coolest place to hang out ever!

Here's the URL of the QuadCam

I would suggest you look at it during the day(which is the nighttime for Malaysia/Singapore) Enjoy!

Winter Trip 2007 (Chapter 1)

It has been a while, that I did not write anything on my blog, but after looking at one o my best friend's blog(Chang Yuan), I have made a decision that writing blog should be my new year resolution.

So I took a road trip with 4 friends during the winter and we went from Orlando, Miami to Bahamas. Well, it wasn't a real road trip that you'd come in to mind when I say "road trip", we do spend quite a big amount of money on the lodging.
We finally got to the airport, and flied to Atlanta before flying to Orlando. It was a long flight(not as long as going back to Malaysia, but I still think it's tiring) So we took a rest for the rest of the night at the hotel.

Our journey in Orlando starts with the Universal Studio themeparks(There're 2 themeparks)

Here's a snapshot in front of a huge Hard Rock cafe

And of course, I can't miss taking a photo with the Universal Studio's Globe

One of the most famous show from Universal Studio, Fear Factor!!!!

This is a fake buildings backdrop, but it looks real to some extend
And this photo concludes my trip to Universal Studio... The most unforgettable ride for me is the spiderman ride. it's a 4D motion ride, and they're using polarized specs instead of those 2 colored specs you used in IMAX, and believe me, this is the first time I have seen spiderman being so real in my life.I have more photos to show, Universal Studio is a very big park and it'd take at least 2 days to finish all the rides, but unfortunately some photos got lost in my friend's harddisk :(


It has been a while that I didn't hear from YUI, a Japanese singer who writes really nice songs.

I am a novice in guitar, and she really inspires me with her style of playing guitar, I think she's really cool! :D

Have you ever imagined their world?

I started to learn about Wong Fu's production today, and decided to start my own blog.

It's indeed amazing to see how US college students can come up with such high quality videos on their own, you can learn more about Wong Fu at

I personally like their Yellow Fever

but I'd like to draw your attention to this video, that really touches me, to imagine their world, those I had been ignored for so long.