My World Music lesson

I had been always amazed by the general education system in my school, that each and every classes here never disappoints me. From Jim Kaler I had as a great professor in the astronomy class(believe me, he'd bring you traveling around the universe by just going to his lecture), to the world music I had in the last semester, I know that this college experience will be the period of time that I'll not forget for the rest of my life.

Let me introduce to you, Zakir Hussein, the greatest tabla player in the world(Just in case that you're wondering, click on the hyperlink above to know more about them), who visited our campus and gave a lecture on Indian tabla. It's just amazing how he could play different tones out of that 2 small little drums.


飒爽缨姿 waiyin said...

Fantastic! too bad the recorded sound quality isn't so good.

Victor Lem said...

Yea, I was just using phone camera, and I was sitting at the back row