Washington's Trip Winter 2006

Since I am in holiday now, I am making the effort to pull out more interesting stuffs out of all the places I had traveled in United States. Here's one of it:

Check out this video I sneakily took in front of the White House, it is surrounded by fully armed police and they do not allow any video recording around the area for safety purpose.

It was a fun experience I had in Washington DC back in winter 2006. We spent about 5 days there, and visited all the famous landmarks, from the Washington Monument to Lincoln Memorial, and not to miss out the best museum ever in the United States : The Smithsonian Musuem.

Since we can't take photos near the White House, we took one picture behind the garden of the white house

A better look of the white house from the top of Washington Monument. I was told that there's more than 1400 people employed in the White House. Imagine what a large basement they have to accommodate such a large number of people

Me at the Lincoln Memorial, This is the place where Martin Luther King gave the speech of "I have a dream"

I have high respect to Lincoln and Martin Luther King. To me, they mean a lot because what they have the wisdom and persisted in what they have been fighting for. They are farsighted leaders.

Skin color should not matter anymore in Malaysia one day, and we need heros like 2 of them to fight for that vision

Washington Monument is just gorgeous looking in front of this reflecting pool


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i like the pic u took at the back garden of white house, cool pose!