Walk the Talk

I used to be a person who is good in "walking", and do the later "talking". It is not that I am not good at talking, but just the fact that as I walk down the path, I face difficulties, I learn, I stop to think, and I grow. And then, I share my experiences by telling stories to others, and that's the time that I do the talking.

October and November had been very bad months in both my Sophomore and Junior years. Interviews, midterms, preparing for actuarial exams, club works, and part time job. When each one of these gives me one irresolvable issue, my life just gets overwhelming. In fact, the issues don't just come in one out of each, they come in a bundle. However, I know this is the process of growing, and comparing to all the difficulties that I had in my past experience, what I am going through is just nothing.

Whenever it gets too overwhelming, I stop, and I project that 10 years later, when I look back, which one will be the thing I regret that I gave up? Which one is not? I suggest anyone of you, who has too much on the plates, try to ask yourself this question, taking something off your plate will actually help you to reduce your stress.

I have chosen to give up some responsibilities, and to take up more. I know very well that this path is not easy to proceed on, however, the boat is sailing, and it will reach the other shore one day!

I want to thank this one person for being with me in my very difficult period. I do not even how to express my gratitude in words, but I learn from you that how true love can be so endless in giving out. Remembering what the Professor Pausch said "You know you find the right person, when you put his/her happiness before yourself". By all means, I LOVE YOU



Jess Sophia said...

Will be there for you whenever you need me.