Life is about politics, no matter you agree to it or not.

Why so? because human being communicate using languages, and they perceive what they hear and see as reality. When everyone thinks what they perceive is reality, there will be a gap between everyone perception, and they have their own set of thinking and strategy to face their "reality"

Isn't that ironic? After all the fighting and competition, all you are insisting on is just your perception. Mmmm, friends who are reading until here, you might think that I am becoming an adult now and no longer thinking big dreams, getting close to reality.

But hey, I am not getting into the retiring mode yet, I am still who I am, and believe that impossible is nothing. The point I am trying to make here is, I used to be good at many things, so do I today. All I need is to sharpen up my old rusty sword, and it will become shinny again.

I have been off my game for a long time. Without a rifle, a sniper is nothing. Without politics, I am not who I am. It's time to get packed and ready for the next war.


Jess Sophia said...

:) I like it :) man man