Swine Flu in Illinois

554 of swine flu cases has been reported in Illinois, I am starting to think if the exponential graph is going to happen here. However, I am still impressed with how my school is handling the situation:

"To: Faculty, Staff, Students
From: Robert D. Palinkas, M.D.
Director, McKinley Health Center
Subject: Handshaking at Commencement

Because of ongoing concerns about the possibility of spreading the flu
virus, students receiving degrees and their families should not shake
hands at Commencement if they have symptoms of an upper respiratory
infection such as fever and cough.

McKinley Health Center will provide hand sanitizer on the platform at the
Assembly Hall ceremonies so that graduates can, if they wish, use it
before and/or after receiving their degrees. Members of the official
platform party also are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer provided.

Everyone is encouraged to observe the other guidelines to reduce the risk
of infection, such as covering coughs and sneezes; avoiding touching eyes,
mouth and nose; and washing hands frequently.

Robert D. Palinkas, M.D.

This mailing approved by:
The Office of the Chancellor"

As always, United States is so ahead in handling such cases. Let's pray for world peace and the flu spread to ease soon.


Jess Sophia 杰诗.素菲亚 said...

Yes. Pray for the best ")

Chin Yen Ryan said...

Good luck..and do all those preventions!! :)
Take care, bro.