A journal to keep

Today, I made a decision, and learn another lesson, being a non-perfect human being

I never regret decisions I make, because all consequences are considered before it is done. I understand myself very well, and what I am capable of. But I have not getting to the point to fully utilize all my capabilities up until today in this campus. I understand it is not my fault, because I have done what I could. All success are built upon failures. I tried really hard to teach, to communicate with people that do not understand professionalism, who even think that emails are the worst way to communicate in the world.

Okay, when I wrote up until the last paragraph, I feel like I am wasting my time talking about those trash. It is not even worth at all for me to mention about coward that cannot handle his own club and let his mum to call me to talk. Dude, this is college, not your home.

My parents are not rich enough to leave me with any fortune. I had been looked down because of color and the old stinky car that my dad drove me to school. When I was a kid, this one guy even spitted on me just because he was rich and I am poor. But such discrimination never haunt me. In fact, I became stronger and wiser, and ended up where I dreamed to be... to study in America. I am not jealous with people that can buy 2 brand new BMWs for their sons, because I understand that the ultimate fortune is the wisdom in yourself.