Movies VS Politicians

I was shocked this morning to see the news where Mahathir relates 911 attacks with James Cameron. He just reminded me of my hatred for silly politicians.

In my last Law and Econ class, my professor adressed a very good point in class, "As an economist, our job is the figure out the most efficient way in carrying out a policy, but fairness and other factors are being taken into consideration by the legislators and politicians, and hence the decisions are not always efficient"

When he mentioned about "other factors", I also see two words: corruption and stupidness.

If a politician is so smart enough to be able to judge a country from a movie, I think he must have no problem to differentiate fantasy and reality.

I just feel bad for James Cameron that his piece of artwork that took so many years to finish are being judged as a tool that can be used to take down his country. I know James Cameron don't give a damn, and he would be laughing to ask if the maniac who said this are retarded or having some psych problems...

It is just another joke of the day, from one of the highly honored person with the title "Tun" in the country. If all the "Tun"s have such smart brains, the "Datuk"s and all the good friends that are leading us to decide on the policies must be bringing us to Holland(Cantonese), Hurray! Malaysia Boleh!

In response to refute Mahathir's comment, I posted a link of the making of Avatar here:


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Jess Sophia said...

oh well. he should shut the hell up and enjoy his tea tarik instead of mourning like a little bitch. :P