Dedicated to My Friends in Australia and New Zealand

My tears almost dropped when I found out this post that was written by Calvin about two years ago.

This song is dedicated to Calvin as wellTo all my very best friends in INTEC, Ryan, Wong, Yi Chin, Wyne, Wan Mit, Quan Yie, and the rest of you that I don't mention in this blog, I want you all to know that I have never forgotten you all, and our friendship will last forever.

Thank you Wong and Ryan for visiting me in Ipoh. I sincerely wish that Wong settled his "problems" after talking to me.

Thank you all of you for being with me in INTEC, which I always thought the darkest period of my life. You all are like my source of light in that period of time.

I sincerely wish you all be well and happy. Don't give up on hope! Remember you dreams and strive hard! My favorite quote is still the same, "Aim for the moon, at least you will land on the stars" Good luck, friends!


Wong said...

Hei thanks and i think you spell someone's name incorrectly

It is Quan Yie not Kuan Yee

Anyway, i solved my problem ady.Keep in touch and rmb u always have my support

YKSDR said...

heh heh... yeah. it was interesting dat u actually read my blog after 2 yrs. hahaha.. n i almost forgotten i have a frenster blog. anyway, all the best n take good care of urself. Frens forever. :P

Chin Yen Ryan said...

Really great to have a gang of friends like you guys. Is a fact that I did quite a mess in INTEC, but out of those years, one of the best gains is actually getting to know you guys, U guys are really my best friends!!!

LifeLONG friends!!

Take Care, everyone.
We should have a gathering somewhere :)


Victor Lem said...

probably in Calvin's house since he can't get out of his house even though he is more than 21 :P

Jess Sophia said...


YKSDR said...

hahahaha. why not? come to kl then. we go back shah alam. hahaha